Episode 5: Organic Foods

In this episode we pose several questions: Is organic food as good as they say it is for you? Why would a snail bury itself in the ground? And why do dogs stick their heads out of car windows? We also investigate the origins of the words “funk” and “bullsh*t”.

Episode 4: Heroes and Villains

What does the Pet Rock have to do with looking a gift horse in the mouth? Somehow, we talk about these things on the show. We also bring up Tom Cruise’s awesomeness, the unusual name given to a newly discovered insect, and polar bears. All this after Frank brings up two acts of crime that he thinks are admirable, and Hec talks about two heroic events.

Episode 2: Taxes

On this episode we get down to the bottom of whether or not we should pay taxes. Also, we talk about robots, I give Frank a clue, and he explains to me what the nocebo effect is.

Episode 1: Flat Earth

On this episode we talk about sneakers, swiss cheese, the origin of the words “willy-nilly,” and water addiction.  Before we get into all that, Frank and I have a discussion about whether or not the Earth is flat.  Welcome to the very first episode of The HEC with FRANK Show.