About Us

We are The HEC with FRANK Show. A show that promotes free thinking, acceptance of others different than oneself but, most importantly, knowing that no matter how out of this world your reasoning and ideas may be, you are not alone.

In our lives we are told to be content with oneself on a physical level but are never communicated to regarding being happy with who you are in your head and in your heart. This podcast uses random topics from history, conspiracies and even the things that we were taught during our childhoods to open up our minds to accepting that no one is perfect. We may all think that we know something today that tomorrow’s professionals might come to realize has been wrong all along. If they can be wrong then so can each of us. And that’s perfectly fine as long as we recognize who we are and agree to coexist with others despite the fact that you think those said others go against your ideals. As long as it is YOUR ideals and not simply what you’ve been told should be done.

With all of the diversity in the World why limit yourself by simply following what you’ve been told? This show is here to let you know that it’s okay to be you if we are not in agreeance.
So while listening to the show, open your mind and realize that this is simple commentary from two regular men that believe that while some men choose to wound each other emotionally and physically (though not always intentionally) they choose to live life… poking fun at the quirkiness that exists around each of us. Because the real truth is most of it is nonsense and per history, and admitting that it may have to be done, there are very seldom circumstances where standing up for oneself by hurting others’ was a true necessity.

Laugh with us. Enjoy the show.


Hector Diaz  (Host)

Feeling burdened with life’s mixed signals, Hector battled with right and wrong more than a pro wrestler. After carefully observing humanity from a safe distance, he came to see that NONE of us are always “right” or “wrong”. He realized that he and the masses that surrounded him, placed an overwhelming amount of importance in matters that internally scarred their own being. He also concluded that as the society evolves, so should the individuals. Now, as co host of THWFS, he talks as himself, a human that still learns from the mistakes that he’s made and the many to come. All the while laughing and leaving the stress behind.

We hope that you appreciate Hector’s sense of humor, a blend of sarcasm, boldness and child-like imagination wrapped in a mislabeled package. Think, bratty sibling meets wise old grandpa… minus the racism.



Franklin Toribio  (Host)

Wise beyond his years, unrightfully humble and full of not-so-useless knowledge. Franklin’s intense sense of curiosity shows us all that you are never to be fearful of learning new things. He’s naturally drawn to lesser known facts and events, historical, theoretical or philosophical without discrimination.

Along with his open mind, comes Franklin’s best feature, the willingness to share and educate others. He is absolutely the very necessary Ying of THWFS.
It’s not every day that you find someone of high intellect with a relatable sense of humor. This alone makes Franklin a very special and unique element of the show.



Beany V.  (“Mango Juice” [Theme Song] Composer)

The music that you hear as the bookends to every episode of THWFS was composed by this very talented New York native. Now residing in North Carolina, he creates distinct sounding music by using a plethora of musical skills – from playing instruments, to writing, to producing, to… you name it.

Lifetime exposure to a wide range of musical styles has led to the development of a unique World-influenced fusion of flair and substance, where the beats are raw yet smooth, and the flow is melodic poetry at its finest. Seriously, click on these links to hear more:




Meghan Dunham  (Tech [and just about everything else] Consultant)

You would not be reading this very sentence right now if it weren’t for this keyboard-stomping, mouse-clicking, file-uploading, 01101000 01101111 01110100 01110100 01101001 01100101.

When grown men curl up into the fetal position at the thought of having to code and program, she walks in like the godsend that she is from programmer heaven and politely says, “Get up. No need to cry. Let me help.” (Insert angelic choir here)

Without her, you’d wonder why we went through the trouble to create a podcast without audio.

Thanks Meghan Dunham, a true hero to our show… now come here and help me post this.