The Final Episode (Till Next Time)

The final episode of The HEC with FRANK Show.
We know, maybe a little premature but, it’s with good intentions – solo projects are in the works.
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Episode 12: Acupuncture

The guys looks into the good and bad of Acupuncture treatment. They also discuss details of pollination and of the mobile game industry. Also, find out the origin of the words “Nightmare” and “Scapegoat”.

Episode 11: Do Ghosts Exist?

Hec & Frank get into research of paranormal proportions as they inquire the existence of ghosts. Frank makes an otherworldly declaration. Plus, ghost movies and Hollywood lawsuits and, the origins of the words “Business” and “Ventriloquist”.

Episode 10: A Toast To Mexico

As we approach Cinco De Mayo, the guys figured what better time than to know why it is a celebrated holiday in the United States. They will go over the history of how Mexico became the Mexico that we all know today and give some insight on The Day of The Dead tradition that Mexico is known for. Mariachi Flor De Toloache allows for their modern mariachi sound to be heard in this episode.

Episode 9: Bigfoot Boobage

The guys research Bigfoot. Is it real or something conjured up by bored people? Also, the origin of the words “Scam” and “Origin”. They question why a special pig with four giant tusks is called a Pig Deer and, they look to the stars to explain the symbolism in the Brazilian flag.

Episode 8: Should Marijuana Be Legal?

In preparation for 4/20, the guys research the pros and cons of Marijuana use. They also share websites where you can go to learn about healthy (and not so healthy) alternatives for the munchies and how to smoke weed without your neighbors finding out. Also, the origin of 4/20 is explained.

Episode 7: It’s Titor Time

In this episode Hec gets some help from YouTuber John Razimus, the Hoax Hunter, as the guys debate the existence of self-proclaimed time traveler John Titor.  Frank teaches us the difference between MPG for automatic versus manual transmissions.  Hec accidentally discovers Tonic Immobility, causing Frank to call him a heretic.

Episode 6: Feeling Foolish

In this episode, the guys talk about their favorite April Fools Day pranks and pranks that had unintended consequences. They also list things that were told to all of us by our parents and teachers that turned out to be lies and try to fool each other with made up news stories.

Episode 5: Organic Foods

In this episode we pose several questions: Is organic food as good as they say it is for you? Why would a snail bury itself in the ground? And why do dogs stick their heads out of car windows? We also investigate the origins of the words “funk” and “bullsh*t”.

Episode 4: Heroes and Villains

What does the Pet Rock have to do with looking a gift horse in the mouth? Somehow, we talk about these things on the show. We also bring up Tom Cruise’s awesomeness, the unusual name given to a newly discovered insect, and polar bears. All this after Frank brings up two acts of crime that he thinks are admirable, and Hec talks about two heroic events.